March 4, 2013

London Fashion Week

A few weeks ago was London Fashion Week at Somerset House! I went on Monday to see the hype, but was not able to get into any shows. I didn't have a press pass or blogger pass, but went to see if I could get into a show as a photographer. The security guard said that he would get me into a show later in the week, but I was not able to make it back until Friday (London Fashion Weekend), due to an obsessive amount of final papers and presentations. I am still kicking myself at not jumping at the opportunity as I don't know when I will be able to make it to another fashion week such as this.

I did enjoy the short time that I was able to spend in Somerset House on Monday though. It is great how the area is set up. Wanderers, bloggers, and press are allowed to walk around the circular entry way. Everyone meanders around and checks out each other's outfits as if they are something to eat. I also met a few journalists and photographers from around the area. It was great to connect.

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