December 11, 2012

Project 8 - Lighting Portrait

This was the last project of the year. This assignment required a portrait that used some external lighting. My inspiration was to do a Hollywood glamour shot. Nadia came dressed and ready, thank goodness! She was a wonderful model and really helped pull this shot together.

Project 7 - Landscape

I wanted to do something different for Project 6 - Landscape assignment. As a part of the assignment, we needed to present the photos in a sequence of at least 5. My inspiration came from the lights across the river. I took these pictures at three different times throughout the evening, one in focus and one out of focus to get the "bokeh" look. This image turned out exactly as I planned!

Project 4 - Places Without People

This image was for Project 4 - Places Without People. I really wanted to capture an image for this assignment that had an impression of someone that had once been there. In this case, the impression in the sheets from someone's body.

Project 3 - Social Statement

For project 3 we were allowed to choose any social statement and create a photograph to depict it. I choose to go on more of a social statement campaign route. The type was done in Illustrator and the fonts from Da Font.
*Can you see the hidden image in the smoke?

Project 2 - Self Portrait

I took this self portrait in the lighting studio. I used two hot lights behind me and a reflector to the right for an additional glow.

Project 1 - Insightful Portrait

This is the photo I submitted for Project 1 - Insightful Portrait in ART280 (Intro to Photography). The class was beneficial, but I wish I could have learned more techniques, to say the least. The next seven posts will be project submissions. 
Also, a big thanks to Liz as well for being my model.