August 6, 2014

The Experience

If you're reading this post right now, you may have gotten your picture taken by me and I asked you a few questions about your life. First of all, if you were one of these gracious people, I thank you! This is a part of a project I am titling The Experience. I plan to collect the answers from your questions with the pictures and compile a book comparing the answers from people across the world.

My inspiration for this has come from my intrigue with cultures and people after living in the United States, London and now Germany. I firmly believe that at heart we all want the same things but are guided in other directions because of the cultures were placed in. I have also heard some of the most profound insights about life and some of the best conversations with people of whom I have simply walked up to on the street. I am exited to continue this project and hopefully see the results within the next few years. Please continue to check my blog for the postings from The Experience.


January 3, 2014

Gobsmacked - London, A Year Ago Today

It has been exactly one year since I left for London. I can remember exactly what I was doing the night before (just starting to pack..) and how I felt. Specifically, I remember feeling a bit numb to it all. It didn't feel real. I had no idea what to expect as I had never been away from home for so long, minus my apartment which is 25 minutes away. Nevertheless, I was more than ready.

Upon arrival in London, I remember being semi-dissapointed while riding on the shuttle bus from the airport to my new flat. Little did I know that once we got further into the actual city of London that everything would change. Of course riding on the other side of the street threw me a bit off, but more than anything I was in amazement at what I saw; everything I wanted. It was absolutely everything I had imaged.

I loved everything about the city: the culture, the fashion, my classes, the hustle bustle. A few of my favorite experiences were getting into the Brit Awards, meeting my favorite DJ (Kaskade) behind stage at Ministry of Sound (one of the most famous night clubs in the world), walks through Hyde Park, the cafes, my internship at Elexu, touring the BBC and Sky, riding the tube, and late night double decker bus rides! I would also have to say that some of my favorite adventures were when we would get lost in the city - we always ended up finding new, cool places that we would have never discovered if we hadn't took a wrong turn, etc.

The four months flew by and by the time April 16th rolled around I was still not ready to leave. I could have stayed a year at least. I had so many things I wanted to do yet, so many more pictures to take, people to meet, opportunities to take advantage of. Looking back, of course I wish I would have done more or maybe some things differently, but I know I did what I could at the time. I just have to keep remembering that there will be more life adventures.

These pictures are some of my favorite that I took and help me to remember some of my favorite memories.

Cheers London, I can't wait to see you again!